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Traveling Magic

We dispatch magicians and perform magic tricks for a variety of occasions.

We can cater for any occasion, such as corporate parties, wedding receptions, children's parties, Christmas shows, and birthday parties at home.

We will dispatch magicians and magicians to suit various scenes.

We can handle any situation such as a company party, a wedding party, a children's fun party, a Christmas show, or a birthday party at home.

The most important thing in the show is your image.

We accept requests for the number of appearances, acting time, special production, etc.

We will produce the show with the customer's image first.

Until the final decision is made, we will hold meetings as many times as you like until you are satisfied, so please feel free to contact us.

Types of magic

Number of people

Acting time


Close-up magic

Table hopping

Parlor magic

Stage magic

1 to 20 people

20-100 people

30-50 people

50-100 people

About 30 minutes

Approximately 3 minutes x number of tables

About 30 minutes

About 30 minutes

30,000 yen~

30,000 yen~

50,000 yen~

From 100,000 yen


100-300 people

About 30 minutes

¥ 200,000~

The amount will vary depending on the desired performance time, number of performers, scale of the event, etc.

In addition, depending on the conditions of the place of appearance, transportation expenses, miscellaneous expenses, etc. may be charged separately.

We do not charge any fees at the time of the meeting, so please feel free to contact us as many times as you like.

For further information, please contact us



The transmission is complete. Please wait as the person in charge will contact you as soon as it is confirmed.
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